S A R A   J O H N S O N

 H U I D O B R O


Photo by Ghazaleh Ghazanfari


The harpsichordist and organist Sara Johnson Huidobro (1992, León - Spain) gives concerts in the whole of Europe. She has performed as a soloist and continuo player in renowned festivals, such as "Trigonale" (Autria, 2018- 2020), "ON" Music Festival for Contemporary Music of Cologne (Germany, 2018) and Early Music Festival of the Pyrenees (Spain, 2014), to mention but a few. Furthermore, she has been a member of the European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO) 2016-2017.



10 October 2021 · 17:00 h.

"Confluencias": organ music from Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

St. Remberti Kirche, Bremen (Germany).



16 October 2021 · 17:00 h.

"La douceur" (concert with Marsyas Baroque, Michael Form and Katarzyna Olszewscka).

Heiligenberg (Germany).