Next concerts


24. 01. 2021. Castle from Schwetzingen (Germany). 11h30 and 15h00.

"Don Quichotte": family concert with Marsyas Baroque. (CANCELLED)


31.01. 2021. Art Galery from Lingen (Germany). 11h00 and 18h00.

"L' Apothéose de Corelli" (concert with Marsyas Baroque). (CANCELLED)


06. 02. 2021. Amtshaus Dortmund Mengede (Germany). 10h30.  (CANCELLED)

Concert with Marsyas Baroque.


07. 02. 2021. Erbdrostenhof, Münster (Germany). 18h00.   (CANCELLED)

Concert with Marsyas Baroque


08. 04. 2021. Bachhaus, Eisenach (Germany). 19h30

"Bach in the Dark" (concert with Marsyas Baroque at the "Thüringer Bachwochen").


11.04. 2021. Waller Kirche, Bremen (Germany). 17h00.

"Confluencias": organ concert with Spanish and German baroque music.


25.04. 2021. Pfungstadt (Germany). 17h00

"L' Apothéose de Corelli": concert with Marsyas Baroque.


09. 05. 2021. Kirchberg (Germany). 17h00

"Die vier Elemente": concert with Marsyas Baroque


10.05.2021. Konzerthaus Ravensburg (Germany). 20h00

"Südwind": concert with Marsyas Baroque


14. -15. 05. 2021. Kaisersaal Residenz, Würzburg (Germany)

"L' Apothéose de Corelli": concert with Marsyas Baroque at the "Museumsnacht Würzburg"


29.05. 2021. Schloss Eichenzell (Germany)

Concert with Marsyas Baroque.


06.06. 2021. St. Remberti Kirche (Germany), 17h00

Solo- organ concert: works from Buxtehude, Bach, Reger and Messiaen


23.06. 2021. Potsdam (Germany)

Konzert with Marsyas Baroque at the "Potsdamer Festspiele"